our ministries

Here at United, it is our desire that this be a place to meet with God, but also, a place where you can plug in and meet with each other as well. All of the ministries here are focused on the person growing in Jesus Christ regardless of age. Our servant leaders desire that every person would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and experience his love and forgiveness. Please take the time to learn more about our ministries.

Sunday School Bible Classes

Teachers focus on systematic Bible teaching presented with relevance to a person’s life stage.  Children hear lively Bible stories, have interactive Bible activities, and have the truth applied to their life. 

The result is that people experience growth in their spiritual walk through knowing the Bible well.

You can now choose your own adult Sunday School class, with our United Bible Seminars. Each quarter we will have new topics for you to choose from.  

Small Groups

Small groups are our basic units for Christian fellowship, connection, care, and discipleship.  We offer groups on the basis of geography and stage of life.

Our desire is to see people deepen their love for God as they develop authentic, love-driven relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


United is a place where youth can come together and fellowship with a common interest--Christ!  We play games, eat some good food, and dive into God's Word so we can grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Our goal is to share Christ's story of salvation to all those around us because we don't believe the youth are the "church of tomorrow" but are truly part of the church of today.

Master Club

During the school year on Wednesday nights, we have Master Club.  Master Club is a unique, multifaceted children’s program!  Children of all ages are able to come and enjoy games, lessons, and a time of working on memory verses.


Champions is a Bible study class for the mentally and physically challenged. We meet on Sunday mornings at 11:00am in the Fellowship Hall.   We also hear God's Word in a lesson each week and have activities like a Christmas Party, Chili Cook-Off, and an Easter Program. 


Our church believes strongly in spreading the gospel to the far reaches of the earth. Jesus has given the church a mission to let the world know His good news.  

One way we do this is by financially and prayerfully supporting those who God has called to go plant churches in other cultures and countries.  We also have short term mission trips our church goes on. 


United Baptist Church has a group of committed drivers that provide a way for people to come and worship.  We provide transportation for both Sunday and Wednesday services.  We also provide a breakfast meal on Sundays.

We do everything that we can to make sure any adult, teenager, or child can attend church. If you are interested, please contact us no later than Friday so that we can contact you before Sunday