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missionary candidates
interested in partnering with our church?

Our church loves missionaries.  We currently support 50 and are always in prayer to support more.  Thankfully, God has allowed us to take on missionaries every year recently, and we look forward Lord willing to be able to do so this year.  If you are seeking support, please follow these steps:

  • Please email and attach your candidate packet along with a short description of your testimony, field of service, and current monthly support level.

This will be shared with our missions team that are made up of faithful members of our congregation, deacons, and pastor.  The missions team is responsible for inviting missionaries to our annual fall missions conference which is when we normally take on new missionaries.

  • Expect an email back within a few weeks that we have received your packet and have prayed for you.  Your packet will be assigned to one of our team members to prayer over for that month.  

If you do not hear back from us within a month, feel free to call the church to confirm we received your packet.   

  • Please be in prayer for us that we will follow God's leading.  


If you do not hear back from us to schedule you for the missions conference, then that means we have felt led to partner with a different missionary.  Do know that we appreciate your service to God and have prayed for you.  We will continue to keep you in mind for future conferences or when our mission budget allows us to take on more missionaries.

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